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Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish e-Visa

What is an e-Visa?

What do I need for my e-Visa application?

What are the advantages of e-Visa?

Who is eligible for e-Visa?

Do I need to enter Turkey on the exact date specified in my application?

If my travel dates change, can I apply for e-Visa amendment for change of date?

How do you protect the information that I share during my e-Visa application process?

Do I need to obtain a separate e-Visa for people accompanying me?

Can I get a refund if I do not use my e-Visa?

Can I obtain a multiple-entry e-Visa?

Are there any restrictions on airline companies to fly to Turkey?

The information on my e-Visa does not fully match the information on my travel document. Can I enter Turkey with this e-Visa?

I would like to stay in Turkey for a period of time longer than the e-visa permits. What should I do?

Are credit card payments made on the e-Visa web page secure?

I have realized that some of the information that I provided in the e-Visa application requires correction. What should I do?

I have completed my application. When will I obtain my e-Visa?

I am notified by the system that my e-Visa application cannot be processed. What should I do?

If my e-Visa application is denied, will my payment be refunded?

How long before my travel date should I apply for e-Visa?

I have applied for a visa at a Turkish mission (Embassy's Consular Section or Consulate General) and wish to be updated on my application. Can I send a request for an update from the e-Visa Support Desk?

I have realized that some information on my e-Visa does not match the information on my travel document. I know that my e-Visa is invalid. Can I get a refund?

I do not want to apply for an e-Visa. Can I get a visa on arrival?

I do not have a credit card or debit card (Mastercard/Visa). Is there any other way of e-Visa fee payment?

I cannot make a payment. What should I do?

In the "Personal Information" section there is no place for a middle name. Where should I enter my middle name?

I want the address on my payment receipt to be different than the address on my e-Visa application. Is this possible?

What does the CVV / CVC / CVC2 number mean?

Do I need an e-Visa if I am on a cruise ship?

My child is included in my passport. Do I need to make a separate e-Visa application for her/him?

What are the criteria for the validity of my supporting document (visa or residence permit from Schengen or OECD member countries)?

Can the citizens of all the countries eligible for e-Visa obtain a visa on arrival?

How much is an e-Visa fee?

How long will my e-Visa be valid for?

Do I have to obtain a visa if I do not leave the international transit area?

For how many people can I create a family application?

Are there any criteria for family applications?

How does a family application work?

For how many people can I create a group application?

Are there any criteria for group applications?

How does a group application work?

(Source: www.evisa.gov.tr)

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